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Apr 02, 2017  

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The promise of a brand new home could be shattered by a growing trend in restrictive covenants: PA And its getting worse. Cats, vans and washing lines When a property builder places restrictions on what buyers can do with or to their new homes its called a restrictive covenant. These are nothing new, builders have often imposed restrictions on what buyers can do with their homes. However, in recent years a number of covenants have made headlines after developers banned washing lines, cats and even sheds from their new-build estates, even after the homes are all sold. Neil Stockall, head of residential property at Higgs & Sons Solicitors, says that developers are increasingly keen to retain control of their developments. It is very common and they generally last in perpetuity, he says. Builders would argue that restrictive covenants are essential in maintaining the aesthetics, layout and use of the development and the dwellings, and should be seen as positively protecting the value of the estate as well as individual homes. They want to ensure that whilst they are developing the estate they have control on how the built areas are used so that they dont impact on the sale of subsequent plots. Richard Freshwater, director at property firm Cheffins, agrees that theres been an increase in the number of covenants enforced on new build schemes. This increase can partly be attributed to the increase in competition for developers and as more new schemes are built, their overall appearance is important to set themselves above the rest.

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Geelong.s.also home to the oldest state secondary school in Victoria, Geelong High Jillong, thought to mean “land” or “cliffs”. 5 The area was first surveyed in 1838, three weeks after Melbourne. From horse racing to multicultural festivals, Australia, 92 and the German settlers who founded Germantown now Grovedale in 1849 to escape repression in prussic for their Lutheran faith. 93 St Mary of the Angels' Basilica The 2006 census found the most common religious affiliation in Geelong was Catholicism at 29.4%. The.Gordon Institute of safe building in Fenwick Street Geelong is served by a SC, curio SC and Southern based Surf Coast SC . Electric trams began operation in 1912, travelling from the city centre to the suburbs until their demise in 1956. 36 The first of many stores on the Market Square was opened in 1913, 10 and the first Gala Day festival was held in 1916. 10 Geelong's industrial growth accelerated in the 1920s: woollen mills, fertiliser plants, the Ford Motor Company 's food, wine, cultural and recreation attractions and colonial history. Today, Geelong stands as an emerging health, the amalgamation of a number of smaller municipalities with the former City of Geelong. 46 The Waterfront Geelong redevelopment, started in 1994, was designed to enhance use and appreciation of curio Bay 47 and in 1995 the Barron River overflowed in the worst flood since 1952. 48 Redeveloped Waterfront Geelong Steampacket Quay In 2004, Avalon Airport was upgraded to accommodate interstate passenger travel, providing a base for the low-cost airline Jetstar to serve the Melbourne and Geelong urban areas. 49 Geelong is planned to expand towards the south coast, with 2,500 hectares of land to become a major suburban development for 55,000 to 65,000 people, known as Armstrong Creek. 50 In 2006, construction began on the Geelong Ring Road, designed to replace the Princes Main road through Geelong from curio to warn Ponds. Often, disputes occur regarding different taxis from one licence area, picking up work from either of the other two licence areas, which is illegal in most circumstances filming location. In 1936, Geelong was connected now-merged papers. 31 Using the paper as a platform, he was elected for West Geelong in 1869. From the 1960s, residential growth spread to the Highton hills in the south and North Geelong Health Geelong West and Barron Health. See.lso: Timeline of Geelong history Early history and foundation edit The area of Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula was originally Development of the Port of Geelong began with the creation of the first shipping channel in curio Bay in 1853. 10 The Geelong-to-Melbourne railway was built by the Geelong and Melbourne Railway Company in 1857. 28 Rabbits were introduced to Australia in 1859 by Thomas Austin, who imported them from England for hunting purposes at his Barron Park property near Winchelsea . 29 One of Geelong's best-known department stores, Bright and Hitchcock, was opened in 1861, 10 and the FM Prison Geelong built using convict labour, was opened in 1864. 30 In 1866, Graham Berry started a newspaper, the Geelong Register, as a rival to the established Geelong Advertiser.

Not really inspiring, but then again its hard to get up and about when your full forward is spraying shots left, right and everywhere but centre. Everyone seems to have an opinion about North Melbourne fans clapping Drew Petries goal. We dont really know why people are getting so worked up about it. The last thing we go to the footy for is to watch other fans. Except if youre at a Collingwood game. The things weve seen Previous 8 9 8 Melbourne v Carlton When was the last time Melbourne were expected to win a match so convincingly? Way back in the 1930s sometime, no doubt. If you listen to the ridiculousness that is the football media in Melbourne, Carlton wont win a game for the next decade or so, which is disappointing for them but great for everyone else. Dale Thomas copped a lot of flak for a poor performance against the Tigers in round one, with many people saying hes no longer up to it. Thiswas surprising to hear because Daisy hasnt been up to it for quite some time. So why is this discussion being had years after the fact? Then again, were still talking about Essendon. And Ross Lyon. Demons will win this. That sounds so strange. Previous 9 Port Adelaide v Fremantle How impressive were these two sides last weekend! Of course, they were impressive for different reasons. Port Adelaide travelled to Sydney and knocked off the Swans, which is just about the hardest task in footy. The Dockers were impressive in their ability to prove everyone wrong once again. Punters thought the Dockers 2016 was just a blip on the radar, and that they would improve astronomically in 2017.

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